Sky Jack Communications is a full service tower company founded in 1988, and is
based in Houston Texas, and Honolulu Hawaii.

Sky Jack initially started in the Broadcast Industry, doing erections, maintenance,
and broadcast antenna installations and repair, then expanding into Public
Utilities, Oil & Gas, Wind, Government and Military, and Municipalities.  Sky Jack
also erects towers for many tower manufacturers across the United States, both
self supporting and guyed.

Structural work is our specialty, performing erections, repair, reinforcement of
existing towers, painting & coating, guy wire change outs, and installation of
heavy broadcast and microwave antenna's.  

Civil work such as anchors, foundations, and foundation reinforcement is
performed in house as well.  All foundation work is done to ACI specifications.

All tower crews are employed directly by Sky Jack, and are trained in the most
comprehensive safety and fall protection programs available today.  Continuing
education and training is provided on a regular basis.  All tower personnel are
certified in the " NATE CTS" ( NATE Climber Training Standard), High Elevation
Rescue, and the required CPR, and Industrial First Aid. All field personnel have
at least the 10 Hour OSHA certification, and supervisory staff have the 30 Hour
OSHA certification, as required by the United States Department of Labor for
tower workers.  The combined knowledge of our crews covers many decades of

Sky Jack has done numerous projects for different agencies within the Federal
Government, Department of Homeland Security, Military Branches, NASA, and
many State and Local Governments.  The crews have performed post hurricane
repairs and restorations along the U.S. Coast of the Gulf of Mexico, for oil and
gas clients as well as public utilities.  Sky Jack has built many meteorological
towers for the wind industry throughout the rugged terrain of West Texas, and is
quite proficient at installing meteorological instrumentation and data collection
                                       Tower Services Offered

*        Tower Erection  Guyed Towers up to 1000'  Self Supporting any Height
*        Tower Demolition/ Dismantling/ Removal
*        Structural Repairs and Reinforcement
*        Guy Wire Change Out
*        Tower Painting and Corrosion Control
*        Television & FM Antenna Installation, Removal & Repair
*        AM Antenna Specialists
*        Microwave Systems
*        Tower Maintenance
*        Tower Lighting Systems
*        Comprehensive Tower Inspections
*        Antenna and Transmission Line Installation