Sky Jack first began working in Hawaii in 1998 for some of our
mainland clients that owned Radio properties there.  In 2002, Sky Jack
was licensed to do business in Hawaii.  Every year since, Sky Jack has
increased its presence as well as its client base.  In 2007, Sky Jack
opened a field office on the island of Kauai, purchasing crew housing,
equipment, and vehicles. In 2010 Sky Jack secured a heavy equipment
base yard in Honolulu within minutes of the Port and Airport, and 2011,
secured additional base yard on the island of Maui.  The Hawaii office
also services Guam and American Samoa.

Sky Jacks primary focus is structural work, broadcast, and microwave.  
Specialized rigging equipment has been designed that can handle the
terrain and congestion challenges frequently encountered with doing
tower work in Hawaii.  Getting heavy rigging equipment up to a
mountain top or the roof of a high rise building can now be easily
airlifted or brought up in a freight elevator for rooftop assembly.   
Presently, Sky Jack has the heaviest tower rigging equipment state wide,
with various gin poles and winches of different sizes, types, and

Corrosion control is a specialty, with extensive experience coming from
working along the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico. With all the
refineries and chemical plants spewing out their toxic pollutants,
corrosion is a major problem.  Sky Jack has a number of
environmentally friendly coatings that if applied properly will provide
several years of protection.

Project Management and Broadcast Engineering is another service
offered by Sky Jack.  This is done on a project basis only.  Transmitter
site design, layout, and installations, as well as diagnostics,
troubleshooting and repair.  Leak detection in pressurized transmission
lines is also available.  Applications can be filed with the FCC or FAA for
changes or modification of facilities.

Sky Jack can provide emergency service state wide in the event you are
off the air.