Sky Jack refers to the term "tower demolition" as a controlled collapse.  When
towers are neglected and corroded to the point that they are unsafe to remove
conventionally, a controlled collapse is usually the last resort.  Some are relatively
easy, being located in the middle of a big field, however, some are extremely
difficult, especially those located in metropolitan areas or congested high traffic
area's.  The process can be very dangerous if not properly planned.  With over 50
towers collapsed, from as short as 200' to a tall television tower at 1050', Sky Jack
has become quite the specialist in this field.  

The Link below will take you to our You Tube Sky Jack Channel.  This channel
has raw footage of Tower Collapses and Photo Collages of both Recent and Older
Projects, both from the Hawaiian Islands and the Mainland United States.

All video and photo's are strictly for entertainment purposes only and not intended
to be used for educational, instructional, or technical purposes of any type.

Tower climbing of any type is inherently dangerous and should only be performed
by highly skilled trained professionals.  Falls usually result in instant death.